About Us

Predision is the leader in the next generation of industrial power over ethernet technologies. Our first-to-market industrial mobile stations (PMS) equip people with a small size mobile station to function with an industrial computer, camera(s), light(s), etc, where data communications is a must and the location is out of reach of commercial power. This system also is equipped with an industrial IoT systems where remote IP67 sensors at your request can be managed and uploaded through 4G/5G connections to a cloud based platform, where you can easily manage seamlessly.

Our Advantage

  • Multi dimensional product categories, to provide you with superb product services
  • Connect industrial assets, get through the connection layer, platform layer and application layer, and provide end-to-end one-stop industrial Internet products
  • Taking AI as the first productivity, mining the core value of industry based on ot + it data processing analysis modeling learning
  • All round guarantee of customer security and end-to-end full link security
  • Flexible and configurable with strong industrial attributes under master control
  • Low cost, universal connection plug and play 99% + automatic identification and pay on demand