Frequently Asked Questions

Using help

  • + How to register an account?

    Contact customer service administrator to add an account.

    The administrator adds account user group permissions, adds account operating space, alarm space, and adds login verification email (account login requires email verification).

    Add device

    Manually add according to the device ip provided by the administrator, or let the administrator directly add and bind to the account

    The device ip represents a set of environments (including equipment: lights, cameras, sensors, switches, wireless routers, solar panels, etc.).

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    Six functional modules, system memory, real-time sensor values, daily update statistics.

    Equipment map, product introduction.

    The device locates the map location, click the red dot to display the monthly sensor value trend graph.

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    Add device/modify device

    Click the button of the device list to enter the add or modify page

    Network topology diagram

    The topology map automatically draws pictures according to the device type, and the icon information can be edited. The alarm lights are divided into 6 levels (green, blue, orange, red, purple). Click the navigation bar on the right to quickly view the alarm devices, and click to jump to Device management page

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    Camera playback

    Click on the left navigation bar to enter the camera page

    Camera recording

    Click the list icon played by the camera to enter the video list

    Click the setting gear icon played by the camera to enter the recording plan setting

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    Add/modify sensor type

    Click on the left navigation bar to enter the sensor setting page New sensors

    Sensor list page

    Click the name of the newly added sensor type to enter the sensor list

    Click the edit button on the right side of the sensor list to enter the basic sensor settings

    Click Next to jump to the sensor alarm value setting

    Click the sensor name on the sensor list page to enter the sensor details data page to view the sensor value of the historical time, you can switch the sensor running record list and the alarm list view

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    Add/modify sub account

    Click on user list under Users management in the left navigation bar to enter the sub-account list

    Click userAdd in the upper right corner of the list to enter the add page, and click the edit icon under the sub-account ACTIONS to enter the modification page

    Sub-account permission management

    Click on role list under Users management in the left navigation bar to enter the list of permission groups

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    Classification and marking of mailboxes

    Click Inbox under the top profile picture drop-down navigation bar to enter the mailbox

    There are five types of mailboxes, 1.Inbox inbox, 2.Starred has been starred, 3.send has been sent, 4.Archive is archived, and 5.Trash (deleted)

    The button on the mailbox list is for marking and deleting. After the operation is performed, it will be stored in the relevant operation mailbox under the classification.

    Send mail form

    Click on the new message next to Inbox to pop up the sending form, select the type of question and then send it, the background administrator will reply after receiving it

    Reply Mail

    Click the email ticket name (blue font) to pop up the email sending history with the administrator, click the reply icon at the top of the pop-up window, and a reply form will appear below the message. After entering, click reply to reply

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    Personal information modification

    Click on the Profile under the top avatar image drop-down navigation bar to enter the modification page, modify the account and password, email and mobile phone number, etc., only the main account can be modified, and the sub-account has no permission to modify

Common Problem

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    No battery data

    There is no data after clicking the battery module on the homepage.

    Add battery sensor type

    Click New sensors under Industrial Internet platform->Mobile Work Station->Industrial IoT->Sensors in the left navigation bar to add the fixed id and parameter type of the battery according to the new sensor type data.

    The default fixed id type of the battery is 0301, the default fixed parameters are Voltage voltage (V), battery remaining RSOC (%), protection board temperature C_TH (℃), battery temperature B_TH (℃), sta charging status (charging MOS on, discharging MOS on).

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    Start vtund connection agreement

    Execute start command in industrial computer: bash

    Device program start

    After executing the remote connection protocol, start the background control program (camera, light, sensor), execute the command to start the device program: bash

    Camera service started

    If the camera cannot be opened, execute the cloud camera platform to obtain the camera playback interface, and manually start the h5ss.service service in the industrial computer, the command is systemctl start h5ss.service

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    1.Alarm light switch

    In the sensor type, add the alarm lamp type, you can see the information and status of each alarm lamp in the alarm lamp list, and each alarm lamp corresponds to a switch, just click to close

    2.How to set a delayed reminder?

    Go to view the sensor alarm device corresponding to the alarm light, such as temperature and humidity sensor, click Edit to enter the setting of the alarm reminder and how long the delay will not remind

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    1.The number of runs is full

    Each account will have the amount of data strips. The average user has 50w entries. When the number of entries reaches 50w, the system will no longer count, so there is no sensor statistics, and only current data can be seen in real time.

    2.How to delete old sensor data?

    Enter the running record of the sensor details page, you can filter and delete the function, you can also export the excel data, after deleting the number, the available number will be left, and you can count it normally

    3.How to pause statistical sensor data?

    When the device is not in use, you can choose to control the number of sensors to suspend monitoring statistics, and you can set it to turn off statistics monitoring in the hidden navigation bar on the top right side.