Application: Construction Site

Construction SiteChallenge: New construction site projects lack power and Internet connectivity. Security systems that provide remote monitoring are critical but often challenging in the early stages of the project. 

Solution: Predision Mobile Station. 

The Predision Mobile Station is equipped with cloud platform connectivity and a power source.

The system's rechargeable batteries can be charged by a 220V power source or by solar panels.

On-board power and network connectivity support various applications that not provide increased efficiency but also provide enhanced security on the job site.

Some of these applications include:

  • • LED Lighting
  • • Cameras that can be connected to the cloud and used for remote monitoring
  • • Sensors that monitor for fire, temperature, gas, etc
  • • Alarms can be connected to the sensors to provide on-site and remote notifcations
  • • Cloud Connectivity enables storage, remote monitoring, and reporting capability

Construction Site
Connectivity Challenges


Construction Remote Work Site

Remote environment

Lacking power and network/Internet connectivity. 

Wide open office spaces with moving and constuction crews can present security challenges.

Exposed location

Complex situation with many vulnerable points that can be difficult to monitor 24-7 on-site.

Disconnected Data. Data collection, storage and analysis can be limited.

Disconnected data

Data collection, storage and analysis can be limited. Without data, management doesn't have access to actionable reporting.

Safety concerns at Construction Sites

Safety concerns

Site and personnel safety are inherent at construction sites.

The Solution:
Predision Mobile Station

On Site Power

The Predision Mobile Station serves as a portable power source. Rechargeable batteries can be charged by a 220V power supply or by solar panels. Developed by the Predision team, the rechargeable batteries store power for lighting, cameras, sensors, and cloud network connectivity. 

The Predision Mobile Station (PMS) serves as a portable power source and provides an Internet network connection. to the cloud

Portable and Easy to Use

One person can transport and setup in a short period of time.

Portable and Easy to Set-up Predision Mobile Station

Real Time Monitoring

Customized monitoring based on selected sensors. Real-time monitoring. Historical monitoring cloud data storage. Watch saved video online or download.

Construction Site Monitoring - IoT Sensors with Cloud Database Management

Data Acquisition
Real-Time Analysis

Cloud data storage, with customized dashboards and reporting, allows remote users to quickly check real-time status and analyze historical data. Predictive analysis provides actionable suggestions for upcoming maintenance and ways to improve efficiency.

Data Acquisition and Real-Time Analysis with Cloud Storage and Management

Multiple Device Administration

The cloud management service can be simultaneously accessed from muliple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Multiple devices can access cloud storage and reporting