Predision Mobile Station

24-hour unmanned monitoring and fire alarm

A large-scale new construction site project has not been connected with cables and networks, how to solve the power supply and site safety management?

Predision Mobile Station equipped with cloud platform can perfectly solve these problems.

The system has three power supply modes: self power supply, 220 V direct power supply; solar power supply; battery power supply independently developed by Xizhi technology

What other uses does the system have?

  • Lighting: the system can be connected with LED lights to provide lighting for the workplace.
  • Unmanned monitoring: we can carry cameras to directly transmit the collected images to the cloud platform, so as to achieve the effect of unmanned monitoring and monitor the safety of the site.
  • Dangerous gas, fire alarm, etc.: the system can be equipped with various sensors, such as dangerous gas sensor, temperature sensor, etc., to achieve the alarm function. Dynamic monitoring site!
  • Data cloud storage: PMS cloud platform supports historical data cloud storage, and data will never be lost.

Problems encountered in construction site

The construction on site is the most important link. The level of construction site management directly determines the quality of the whole construction project. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and stability of the construction site, the management of the project construction must be put into place.

Harsh environment

There's no cable, fiber, or network yet

Complex scene

The construction scene cannot be observed in real time

No data analysis

Unable to grasp the construction progress

Safety problem

Unable to check security risks

Three power supply modes
simple and convenient

Self powered, 220 V direct power supply;
solar power supply;
Predision independently developed battery power supply, the perfect solution to lighting problems!

Portable system
One person can complete the layout

PMS is portable and portable for an adult.

Real time monitoring
Online viewing

Customized scientific and reasonable monitoring design, real-time monitoring screen in the background.

Historical video files, support to watch and one click download

Data acquisition
Real time analysis

When a mobile phone logs into the cloud account, it can understand the situation in real time and support data playback.

Data stored in the cloud platform, never lost. Save hardware cost and maintenance cost.

Multi terminal operation
Support APP remote login

Support multi terminal operation (web, H5)

The website can be managed on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops