What is PMS?

  • + The Predision Mobile Station (PMS) -Introduction

    Predision's mobile station (PMS) is a powerful, portable box that brings network access and power to locations where connectivity is challenging.

    Solar panels charge the batteries and a wireless router within the Predision Mobile station box creates a local network that communicates with the cloud. Add an industrial grade touch screen computer, lights, cameras and sensors to complete the IoT system.

    The system can be customized for your specific application. The Predision engingeering and development team is available to optimize your installation with additional sensors or specific components necessary for your use case.

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    Any coustructions sites


    New building or office setup


    Remote factory site


    Desert locations


    Mountain Areas


    Places near or on the waters


    Temporary work sites




    Military field dispatches


    Applications on vehicles


    Emergency response



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    These are defaults settings.Customizations for specific use cases are available upon request

    Power Inputs (to charge rechargeable battery systems)

    - 100V-220V power input
    - Commercial vehicle cigarette lighter connection (connection cable and connectors are optional)
    - Solar panels (optional)

    Power Outputs

    - Maximum power of 300W output.
    - Supports 8 PoE ports - 4 PoE+ (30W per port) and 4 standard (60W per port)
    - Total power capacity is 240 watts.
    - Power output supports 110V AC at 100W

    Components Included

    - touch screen industrial computer
    - 360-degree rotational camera with a 20 meter long electric cable
    - 30 watt industrial light device with a 20 metter long electric cable

    No additional power sources required for these example, alternate configurations:
    - 8 x 18 watt cameras or like devices
    - 3 x 50 watt lights, plus another laptop computer
    - 2 x 50 watt lights, 3 x 18 watt cameras and one more laptop computer
    Note: Any compliant devices can be added in various configurations upon request

    Industrial IoT Capability

    PMS supports customer specified sensors. Default IP67 based sensors include the following:
    - Temperature and humidity sensor
    - Wind speed sensor
    - Hazardous gas sensor
    - Vibration sensor
    - Soil Temperature/humidity sensor
    - Relocation sensor
    - Remote switch
    - Alarm switch


    The following items can be monitored and controlled from a local server or from the cloud using the PMS iController:
    - Industrial PC
    - Solar Panels
    - Rechargeable Batteries
    - Industrial camera
    - Industrial lights
    - LED screens
    - Other devices as needed

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    How long can PMS work with solar support?

    - Power Usage Matrix

    The Predision Mobile Stations Energy Distribution Usage Matrix
    Internal Battery(3330WH) 2 groups of solar pannel (2*2*50W) 4 groups of solar pannel (4*2*50W) PMS(27W) 360° Camera(18W) Lights(1 pc, 35W) Power Lasting Time (Hour)
    × × × Continuous
    × × Continuous
    × 111.00H
    × Continuous


    1. Usage Power*24 = Solar Panel Power*6
    2. Battery Capacity>Usage power*18
    3. If use uses 200W device, the solar panel power needed for constant use is 800W

    How long can PMS work without solar support?

    The Predision Mobile Stations
    Internal Battery(3330WH) External Battery(3330WH) PMS(27W) 360° Camera(18W) Lights(1 pc, 35W) Power Lasting Time (Hour)
    × 41.63H
    × 148.00H
    × × 74.00H
    × × 246.67H
    × × × 123.33H

    Solar Panel Efficiency

    Solar Panel Energy Output to Battery
    -Sunny Day -Cloudy Day
    Used Solar Panel(2*50W) Oneset Battery(580WH)
    Charge Efficiency
    Volumn Solar Panel(100W) Oneset Battery(580WH)
    Charge Efficiency
    2 Panel 36% 2 5%
    4 Panel 72% 4 11%
    6 Panel 100% 6 16%

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    Predision Mobile System (PMS) is a cloud/LAN based platform that integrates cloud/LAN, 4G/5G, industrial network systems, and wired or wirelessly connected field devices all into one transparent system where operators can remotely manage and control the industrial local networks and local machines and devices. These devices may include, but are not limited to, the following: industrial cameras, industrial lighting, industrial computers, LED screens, various sensors, and more. This cloud/LAN based platform supports sophisticated management protocols and can be customized to suit various application needs including, but not limited to:

    - Secure Log in
    - Dashboard Configuration
    - Network Management
    - Device Management
    - Mobile Station Management
    - Industrial IoT Support
    - User management

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    Login first with user name and password, then user is prompted to use their preset email address to perform the second log in verification for another layer of security.

    Registration: Administrator creates new account and assigns the account to specific equipment (PrediRockBoy) designated by IP address. Accounts can have specific access to devices and settings based on their assigned permissions.

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    Dashboards can be configured to display the following widgets:

    Cloud/LAN server space monitoring: graphs capture and present key stats including total server disk space, used disk space, RAM space

    Field sensor data: graphical real-time display from attached sensors. Available sensors may include temperature, humidity, displacement, hazardous gases. The data is displayed in graphs for users to see the trend and miles stones information. Filters may be added to track trends and milestones based on specific IP addresses, locations, sensor types, and other parameters.

    Daily Updates: Real time displays can highlight daily high and low usage points. 

    Device Map: A dynamic map allows users to easily locate desired devices.

    Device Data: Easily review data/profile information for each of the sensors, cameras and other devices that have been deployed.

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    Network Management:

    Manage device IPs, create a network topology diagram, review detailed profiles of available devices by simply clicking on their icon..

    Device Management:

    Remotely update the system with the click of a button. Configure devices remotely. Access log files and other system information.

    Mobile Station:

    The mobile station is your control center. Control power to the wireless router and other remote devices like industrial light, cameras etc. 

    Industrial IoT:

    Create a robuts IIoT network in locations where power and connectivity have been challenging. Add various sensors, configure their settings to trigger alarms or warnings. Or just monitor and analyze historical data being collected by the sensors,. 

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    User List:

    Easily add new users, include them in user or device groups

    Definition of user rights:

    Configure user permission based on groups and devices.